Product lines

ROTTWEIL Product lines

Rottweil offers a large assortment of shotshells for both game and range. To cater to the broad range of cartridge applications, Rottweil has introduced various product lines to help you find exactly the load that suits both you and your special purpose.

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Premium Line

We are driven by our high quality standards. Outstanding quality for the most demanding shooter.

We take great care to select only the finest quality components for our premium shot cartridges. Only carefully selected and thoroughly tested cases, wads and powders are used. Even the look of our premium line is different: Fine permanent printing on the cartridge case, highly polished case heads and high-quality packaging complete with practical perforations that make opening the box a snap are all expressions of our premium line. Yet the most important criterion for demanding sportsmen is still the uniformly high quality of our shot cartridges. That is how Rottweil Premium products offer reliable ignition and loadability, certain lethality, and outstanding patterning at all ranges and with all chokes. Our high standard of quality remains our constant impetus in the manufacture and further refinement of our Rottweil shot cartridges.

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Professional Line

High quality for the passionate shooter

The Rottweil Professional Line offers high quality and top performance for the serious shooter. Produced with selected components for the discerning shooter, Professional Line shotshells are particularly suitable for waterfowling and woodland pursuits.

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Basic Line

Hunting shotshells with standard components for high-volume shooters

The Rottweil Basic Line offers great value for regular shooters needing large numbers of cartridges. By using less expensive components yet still offering excellent performance, they are extremely suitable for high-volume shooting, e.g. wood pigeon.

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Extra Line

Top products for special applications

At the top of the Extra Line are Rottweil slug cartridges for special applications. The slug cartridges for wild boar shooting are built to impress with their quality and accuracy. The Extra Line buckshot loads make the taking of cloven-hoofed game possible in countries where the use of large shot is permitted. Extra Line  - an extra in safety, an extra in performance.

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Steel Line

Soft iron shotshells for the environmentally-conscious shooter

The question of shooting waterfowl with lead shot has been a hot topic in Europe for years. There is a danger that, in standing or running waters and in environmentally sensitive areas, bottom-feeding waterfowl could ingest lead shot and thus be harmed. For this reason, regulations have been passed in nearly all German states prohibiting the use of lead shot for shooting over water, with penalties of up to € 5000 possible. Whether for older guns, longer ranges, less ‚lead‘ or more impact energy, Rottweil offer an extensive range of lead-free cartridges for all shooting applications.

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Competition Line

Trap and Skeet - established worldwide

No matter whether trap, skeet, sporting clays or game, the sport of shooting should be fun and satisfying. In order to be successful, it is also important to choose the right ammunition. Rottweil offer a wide assortment of sporting cartridges which have been specially designed for the different shooting disciplines and thus contribute to the factors necessary for consistently good performance. The product programme includes fast cartridges for experienced shooters, spreader versions for short range and the versatile‚ Special‘ series for general use. This sport is also easy on your wallet as Rottweil sport cartridges are less expensive than you think!

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Developed for game-specific applications

The components and performances of each cartridge are tailored to produce an optimal distribution of impact energy – and thereby a killing effect – against specific game species. The fine-tuning of each loading is achieved through rigorous quality testing combined with a new measurement and analysis protocol. Light game species need less pattern energy – the combination of energy delivery and pattern coverage – while heavier species need more. In addition to its weight, the surface area of the game to be hunted is another decisive variable. Within the usual range of shooting distances for certain species of small game, GAME EDITION cartridges deliver far more pattern energy than is necessary for a sportsmanlike kill. This gives the small game shooter the confidence of knowing that he has a reserve of energy if he needs it: if the pattern isn’t quite centred on the animal, if ground game is in full run or the birds are flying fast, or if the shooting distance lies at the cartridge’s maximum effective range. This is why GAME EDITION cartridges guarantee the best possible success in small game hunting.