Basic Line

Rottweil Special 36

Outstandig value for shooters on a budget

This special game cartridge with low base head and heavy shot load is an economical alternative yet with few compromises for the priceconscious shooter. The favourable price is achieved through the use of lower-cost components in the manufacturing process.

Rottweil Special 12 F/16 F/20 F

Fine shots for higher hit rates

This game shotshell series offers a wide selection of shot sizes in all three gauges with emphasis on smaller pellet sizes. The fibre wad combined with the H-disc gas seal produces an especially wide and even pattern for more certain hits on smaller bird species.

Rottweil Special 12 F Streu

Economy load for short-range shooting

The Rottweil Special 12 F Streu is especially suitable for ground game and incoming ducks. Thanks to its spreader insert and fibre wad, this cartridge delivers satisfyingly wide patterns. The use of economical components keeps this cartridge within the reach of every shooter.

Rottweil Mark II 30 HV

Fast loads for fast birds

Smaller game require smaller shot. Reducing the load to 30 g increases shooter comfort to allow many more shots in the course of the day. The high velocity (HV) helps in hitting wide-flushing and fast-flying birds such as red partridge.

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