Extra Line

Rottweil Express

Developed for special hunting situations

These cartridges are designed for specific applications and are used in countries where the use of extra-large shot at cloven-hoofed game is allowed. Use Rottweil Express when only buckshot will do, especially for short ranges and in thick brush.


Rottweil Brenneke Classic

Good for all hunting situations

Classic hunting slug cartridge with felt wad that can be universally used up to 50 m with all ordinary shotguns.

Rottweil Brenneke Magnum

Heavy weight for maximum impact

The Rottweil Brenneke ‘Silver’ delivers very high impact energy for big game. Its accuracy in smoothbore shotgun barrels is not affected by the degree of choke constriction. This magnum cartridge must only be used in gun barrels showing magnum proof marks and with 76 mm (3 in.) chambers!

Rottweil Brenneke Classic Magnum

Fast slug for first-class success

Thanks to its magnum-pressure loading, this cartridge achieves a higher velocity and, as a result of this performance increase, it delivers more energy to the target. Its accuracy in smoothbore shotgun barrels is not affected by the degree of choke constriction.


For convincing accuracy

When shooting wild boar with a shotgun, the highest possible precision is paramount. To comply with sportsmanlike ethics, wild boar should be shot at ranges no greater than 50 metres in order to minimise the need for tracking wounded animals.  The Rottweil EXACT slug cartridge is precision-built and is the most accurate Rottweil slug cartridge ever. In addition, it offers a lower-priced alternative to our Classic slug with felt wad.

Rottweil Exact Magnum

More performance, more energy

The magnum variants of the Rottweil EXACT deliver more energy and even greater stopping power on game such as wild boar with more velocity, less lead and fewer misses  - particularly on game drives. Only for use in barrels bearing magnum proof marks!


Rottweil Exact

Outstanding precision

The Rottweil EXACT slug cartridge was developed in cooperation with the renowned slug manufacturer Gualandi. EXACT in name  - precise in performance.


Rottweil’s first lead-free shotgun slug with increased energy transfer. Besides the eco-friendly design with a tin slug weighing 25 grams, the Exact GREEN shells hit the game with far greater energy than comparable shotgun slugs containing lead. A lower bullet weight at a higher velocity also means less projectile dip and, with moving targets, a shorter lead factor. Exact GREEN is also suitable for shotguns without steel proof marks thanks to the soft slug material.

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