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Our Rottweil Brand

The foundation of Pulverfabrik Rottweil am Neckar dates back to the 15th century. And so the brand name refers to the former production site of shotgun shells in the city of the same name. The name Rottweil became famous thanks to the red Waidmannheil shotgun shells and has remained so since 1921 down to the present day thanks to the legendary “black Waidmannheil” with its paper case. Ever since then, Rottweil shotgun shells for hunting and sports and an extensive range of products with “explosive character” have been consistently manufactured with extreme care to enable you to shoot safely and successfully.

A Nobel Prize for Ammunition

Of course there is no such thing, but when the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel founded Alfred Nobel & Co. in 1865 to manufacture the dynamite he had developed, his pioneering spirit and inventiveness were the key to his success. From the very beginning, the search for new technologies and visions for new products has always been part of the philosophy of our company, now known as RUAG Ammotec GmbH. To this day, the company remains indebted to Alfred Nobel and maintains his spirit of research. Creating new synergies and developing modern ammunition technologies is still one of our goals even today. It is no wonder that hunters and sports shooters around the world trust the products of the traditional Rottweil brand.

High-Quality Shotgun Shells

Thanks to their excellent quality and performance, Rottweil hunting and sport shotgun shells have always enjoyed an exceptionally strong reputation and are equally esteemed around the world by hunters and shooters alike. Most “Rottweil employees” are enthusiastic hunters and clay pigeon shooters themselves. Their valuable experience flows continuously into the development process, influencing even the tiniest detail of Rottweil shotgun shells. When taking a shot, hunters and sports shooters can therefore focus on what counts and put their undying trust in Rottweil shotgun shells. 

Thanks to sound experience, technical competence, and excellent quality, Rottweil shotgun shells are little technical masterpieces where everything works together precisely, from the powder to the shot load. The perfect internal structure of each shell and the carefully coordinated and constantly monitored components ensure the desired range, scatter, and effect on the game being hunted. Rottweil shotgun shells are characterized by the uniformity of every shot and outstanding accuracy. Experienced hunters rely on Rottweil brand products – in the millions! It is not for no reason that the “Rottweil Waidmannsheil” paper case – a true gem – has been the classic hunting shell in our product range for decades.

Rottweil brand sports shotgun shells are also special shells that are designed with extreme care and produced with precision. Without a doubt, these are masterpieces that can be used to effectively hit clay pigeons even in unfavorable conditions. Rottweil shotgun shells boast top quality and a successful combination of components, making for uniformity with every shot and giving shooters the decisive edge.

The Fascination of Dynamic

At some point in his career every shooter aspires to be successful with a shotgun. Rifle shooting requires a calm and steady approach that is mental as well as physical. In contrast, a shotgun demands a complex combination of fast physical and mental adjustments. Whilst shooting, decisions must be made in a split-second to ensure that the game is killed cleanly and humanely. When shooting wildfowl or small game this requires practice and, of course, the correct ammunition. Everything from the powder to the pellets must be perfectly balanced to produce a shotshell that delivers the required performance. To get this combination of range, pattern and power it requires research, dedication and proper production techniques.

With Rottweil shotshells you get all of this and more. Carefully selected components and excellent quality control ensure that Rottweil shotgun cartridges not only perform, but perform safely: one expects no less from this renowned German manufacturer. If you want to make a day‘s shooting memorable, give yourself the edge - use Rottweil!

Historical Pictures of the Production Site: