Double trap

It is a relatively recent Olympic discipline.
One shoots at two each clay targets (that is a doublet), which are launched at the same time from one of five different stands.Weapons: permitted are all shotguns including semi-automatic models, which do not exceed 12 gaugeAmmunition: Shotshells are being used, which have a case length of no more than 70 mm in fired condition. The shot diameter may be 2.6 mm maximum. The weight of the shot load may not exceed 24.5 g.Clay targets: Clay targets with a diameter of 110 mm (+/-1 mm), a height of 25 – 26 mm and a weight of 105 g (+/-5 g) are being used.Competition programme: International competitions for men are carried out with 150 clay targets (three series with 25 doublets each) and for women with 120 clay targets (three series with 20 doublets each) (= qualification).
After that, the six best shooters participate in a final with 25 doublets (women were taken out of the Olympic programme as of 2004).
In the final, hit equities are also settled with a so-called “shoot-off”.
In national tournaments, bigger or smaller competition programmes can be tendered. The achieved score decides on the respective ranking of the competitor.Source: German Shooting Federation