Qualitiy issues

How long can you store ammunition and still be sure of its functionality and safety?

We recommend using ammunition within 10 years of purchase.

What do I do in case of malfunctions?

Basically, make sure that the weapon used is free of solidified oil and other impurities. Furthermore, the moving parts should be coated with a light oil film. If, however, the malfunction persists, we recommend that you contact your retailer.

What do I do about ammunition misfires?

Misfires can be caused either by the firearm or by improper handling, such as when the bolt is not 100% locked. The role played by the ammunition is frequently difficult to determine, since it often depends on interactions within the entire system. It is also possible for the bolt handle to be pushed up by the rest, thereby minimizing the impact energy. Our requirements for the impact on the percussion cap are explained in our supplementary sheet “Malfunctions in Weapons.” For all other questions, which are usually very specific, please contact your specialist dealer or gunsmith first. They will then get in touch with us if necessary.

What do I do with apparently faulty ammunition?

Rottweil ammunition is well known for its production in accordance with very high quality standards. Nonetheless, in certain individual cases, even our ammunition can be tainted with some problems. If you seem to have purchased faulty ammunition, we ask you to contact your retailer. If necessary, they will then contact us as well.

Who do I contact if I am dealing with a presumed quality issue?

We recommend that you contact the retailer from whom you purchased the ammunition. They have the possibility to send us the ammunition for review quickly and easily, adhering to all the relevant hazardous goods regulations. We will then contact you immediately with our analysis. The retailer will keep you posted accordingly.

How do I properly store my Rottweil ammunition?

The optimum environmental conditions for the storage of Rottweil ammunition include a temperature of 20°C with a relative humidity of 65%. This usually corresponds to the normal conditions in our residential quarters.

What is the best way to transport Rottweil ammunition?

Rottweil ammunition should always be transported in containers specially designed for this very purpose. This may be the original packaging, but also third-party products such as plastic boxes. Long-term storage in leather bags or cartridge cases made of leather is not recommended. In the long run, such storage may lead to contact corrosion of the case by the tannins contained in the leather.

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